Congressman Joe Kennedy III visits Newton North for a Town Hall

Congressman Joe Kennedy III, our directly elected representative in Congress ( D-Mass, 4th District) visited Newton North for a Town Hall this afternoon to speak and take questions from residents about happenings in Washington.   He listed the health care bill and Russian interference in the US election as key topics.   Photos from the event below. Continue reading “Congressman Joe Kennedy III visits Newton North for a Town Hall”

Letter to the Tab on Charter Improvement

[The following was submitted as a Letter to the Editor for this week’s Newton Tab]

The Charter Commission will take public comment on its draft Charter on Wednesday evening at 7pm at City Hall.  Come out and hear what you fellow citizens have to say and offer your comments.    Here is a letter submitted for this week’s tab summarizing earlier blog post.
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Charter Proposal Needs Improvement

The charter commission has published its preliminary report and will seek public comment on March 15th at 7pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall.   The primary proposed change is elimination of the eight ward-elected councilors and the addition of four at-large councilors with no residency requirement.   The proposal also eliminates one at-large councilor in each ward to cut the council size in half. Continue reading “Charter Proposal Needs Improvement”

Sound Levels on the Walnut Street Bridge

The City of Newton is currently considering a developer proposal to redevelop the Orr Block at the corner of Walnut St and Washington.   As part of the project the developer is seeking to have the area rezoned to MU-4 zoning and for a special permit for various variances from that zoning.    As part of that arrangement the developer would offer to make investments or cash payments for improvements desirable to the city.

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Photos of the Newtonville Commuter Rail Station

With discussion picking up on the proposed Orr Building development, and given the significance of the rail station to the transit-oriented development of Austin St., it seemed useful to snap a few photos of the stairway leading to the rail platform.  Click on the images for high resolution version. Continue reading “Photos of the Newtonville Commuter Rail Station”